More leaves – noch mehr Blätter

I spent the week-end outside with all the leaves enjoying the sun.
Now finally my experiments with the paper leaves, as promised more leaves.
Miss Herzfrischs Drawingchallenge collage Leaves
I found these leaves skeletons in the garden while weeting yesterday – a perfect background for the paper punch outs.
By the way in German we have the same word for leaves and sheets.
The background is a vintage book cover painted with my daughter’s watercolours.Miss Herzfrischs Drawingchallenge collage Leaves and Owl
The second part of the vintage book cover – background painted with watercolour…
Hope you all had a wonderful week-end.

Now I will check all your wonderful post about “leaves” – thank you all for participating.When I punched out the leaves I become intoxicated – so if someone wants some punches, please tell me and i will sent out some.

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