Some facts about Miss Herzfrisch

… … who is actually Miss Herzfrisch?

I am a graphic designer, designer and mixed media artist and my passion is to design and create new things and to express my feeling for colors and shapes in my work.

Many of you know me by the name Miss Herzfrisch . The name came up sometime when I started to write my blog here and since then it has actually been my stage name.

13 facts about me

I …

♥ am a child of the 70s
♥ have a daughter
♥ like to browse flea markets
♥ love bright colors, preferably turquoise and PINK !
♥ always have scissors, glue and my camera while…
♥ I like to use illustrations with fish in my collages.
♥ I like to hear the ??? Question mark
♥ love the sea
♥ always try to listen to my heart
♥ love DADA collages
♥ would like to have Frida Kahlo and Kurt Schwitters had a coffee
♥ already as a child I collected every scrap of paper
♥ likes things and patterns from the 70ies
♥ Dear Wuppertal and like to drive suspension railway

… how everything starts:

… from heart fish to Herzfrisch…

All started with the green and white striped computer paper that my father brought home from the office. I was three years old at the time and started painting. I drew him a new picture every day and gave it to him when he left the house in the morning.

A few years later, my mother gave me a diary. I’ve been writing every day since then. Little by little, simple notebooks became small works of art. I pasted them with small drawings, pictures and texts that I cut out of magazines or old books.

With the diaries I designed myself, I laid the foundation for my current products in the Herzfrisch shop. One of my first projects was my calendar, which in October every year threatened to burst with all the things stuck in it. Instead of using bound books, I started making calendar-sized ring binders, punching all the pages and using rings that were easy to open. So I could easily add or remove pages and use any type of paper at the same time.

I built my first travel diary like my diaries, wrote down experiences and made my first collages with snippets from brochures, postcards and tickets, then I knew: This is my thing, I want to make that my job.

I want to design, I want to work creatively, and my favorite material paper in all its facets is the most important raw material.

Until then, there were a few detours on my way. In the end, I held my degree in my hands and started in the agency world. With the leap into self-employment, I dared something completely new.
The agency was called “ littlebluefish “. The logo of course showed a fish in blue.

In addition to my work as a graphic designer , I was always developing new paper products . Following the annual Herzfrisch calendar, I developed the “ Wunschlandbummler “, which quickly became a bestseller and also in the Press featured, as well as many different postcards.

With that I already had several products to market. All I needed now was a label under which I could sell them in an online shop.

After playing around with my new Herzens products and the fish in the agency name, I got the name Herzfisch , which evolved into Herzfrisch . As a contrast to the blue, I opted for pink .
My own label was born , and the products are available here:

… my Herzfrisch Shop

… beautiful things made of paper and more …

Since 2003 I have been selling in the Herzfrisch online shop beautiful things made of paper : notebooks, travel diaries , photo albums a > and much more.

After a while, my collages also came along.

Beautiful, handmade and individual products that come from the heart.

Schaut Euch doch mal im Shop um

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