Walk through Porto… in search of beautiful azulejos

Welcome to a walk through Porto – would you like to join me?

Of course there is no need to look for the beautiful tiles, the so-called Azulejos, they can be seen everywhere: on house walls, on church facades, in shops and of course in the hallways.

Also this year we decided to to photograph as many different azulejos as possible

I especially like the blue ones in the many different variations and here are a few of my favorite tiles.

Capela das Almas

The Rua de Santa Catarina =”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>Capela das Almas, with its beautiful blue and white tiled facade. I read that it consists of 15,947 wall tiles.

Sao Bento train station

The Porto train station São Bento< /strong> … the station foyer is covered with numerous azulejos with scenes from Portuguese history.

Sao Bento train station

These are some of my favorite blue azulejos

A few more tips about azulejos

“Treasure hunt” for artist tiles from junicosa.art

At portosecreto I read about a cool project: the artist @juncosa.art invites people in Porto to embark on a “treasure hunt”.

He reproduces tile patterns in a very personal and colorful way and distributes them throughout the city. If you find a tile, you keep it and in return the artist asks you to take a picture of the tile in your favorite spot… unfortunately we only found the remains… I think it’s a great idea!


The @azulejosporto project collects images of all the tiles in Porto and by now they already have them over 240 collected.

If you’re also avid tile collectors and find a tile they don’t have yet, you can here.

If you would like to design a tile yourself, you can also book a workshop do…

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At the end of the walk, one of our favorite places with a beautiful tiled facade to rest and eat well

Frankie Hot Dogs
Rua do Almada 255 a 261, 4050-038 Porto

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Which do you like best? Do you also have some favorite tiles? Or are you azulejo collectors? Tell me about your love for tiles…

By the way, inspired and motivated me to fill my blog again Kristina with her monthly walk – thank you very much and have a look at her!

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