Upcycling favorite book- I was a work trousers …

Favourite pieces for favourite people

It was my nephew’s birthday and I wanted to do something special for him. He is an avid craftsman and a big fan of work trousers. They are also really super practical, made of great fabric and with lots of little hidden pockets.

So I made a sketchbook for him and covered the covers with a piece from an old pair of work trousers: with a big pocket with lots of space for his pens and everything little craftsmen need to carry around.

Here it is: a new favourite book for my favourite little handyman.

Do you also have a special favourite piece or a favourite fabric and would you like to have it made into a notebook or photo album made that is bigger, smaller or somehow different from the products you find here in the Herzfrisch Shop? You can also take a look at the Gallery of Favourites.

Then contact me, because every Herzfrisch product is a handmade original and I love to make special wishes come true.

Miss Herzfrisch

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