Snippets meet Pink * Mittwochsmix

"May makes everything new, makes the soul fresh and free."

While I am preparing my paper supplies into new paper packs, there are always lots snippets left on the cutting machine. Perfect for  Susanne’s und Michaela’s May Mustermix Thema “Schnipsel & Nachhaltig”

So I processed them for a new issue.

I got the papers / cardboard for the cover and the inside from the supermarket, these are the “release papers” between the beverage bottles. It is very firm and easy to work with.

Then I added a little color … I think pink goes perfectly with gray …

I used bubble wrap for the prints on the gelli plate.

Here I did some experiments with feathers, inspired by Birgit Koopsens Gelliprint Challenge.

Thanks to Michaela and Susanne for the wonderful topic. At the moment I am asking myself the question of sustainability and waste avoidance even more than usual.
Just all the plastic waste that is created by the Corona hygiene regulations. Maybe next week I can think of something to process the plastic gloves.

I wish you a wonderful and colorful May!

Miss Herzfrisch

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